New trends in Web usage! Magic mouse roller animation (Parallax scrolling)

August 3, 2017

animation is the most influential and dominant in every year. Web developers use different experiments to implement animation, from the simplest basic effects to groundbreaking display results. There is no doubt that this avalanche animation effect has been considered the most advanced technology in the history of web technology. Web developers who have never met the status quo have developed to a whole new level. These animations are slow but clear, allowing web designers to combine interactivity and vision on the page.

, if you want to learn today’s examples, recommend reviewing the two pages for web dancing, 25 free parallax scrolling plugins, and web effects: scroll parallax design guide. These are the


buddies! The most popular the most awesome web design trends here! Come and see this wonderful parallax scrolling design trends


small reminder: some sites can no longer praise the effect, Google, Firefox can open yo.


the site is dedicated to this year’s kite festival. With a simple rolling activation animation technique, it has a truly vibrant and compelling design.



is an advanced long page website. It expertly demonstrates various data through brilliant color maps. Each section has its own corresponding information.


, Drugs, and, Alcohol, on, Campus

is also an interactive chart that gives you the answers to the most pressing questions unknowingly. All the pictures are through the mouse to activate the animation, so that these problems do not seem to "dry".


Bright Media


team used a visual guide strung all elements, use the correct order to guide users, each part has animation decoration elements, your task is to go along the lines of OK.


Adobe Muse CC

, this is an innovative, clean and complex web site that uses the art approach to guide users to focus on their new products. It mainly includes simple white page, paper deformation mode and rolling animation to achieve the effect.



Developers at the

site placed a small plane on the page, where users can see small planes by scrolling the mouse wheel

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