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August 3, 2017

great design is not just for the sake of design, but in the pursuit of the overall user experience while rewriting the rules of the game.


– the commercial value of "crucial design" from

great design is not just for the sake of design, but in the pursuit of the overall user experience while rewriting the rules of the game. Companies such as apple, IKEA, and Starbucks change the course of the business community by reshaping the user experience. In May 17th, jointly organized by the "commercial value" for the second time and culture magazine "commercial value" reading will, together with the many guests of "critical".

experience and design have an important impact on business

, editor in chief of business value Zhang Peng,

American thinker in a recent series of talked about a concept design and user experience of the book: we can take the technology as a kind of life, this life to be attached to people in order to release more value, but also make people become more powerful, more powerful. However, there are rejection reactions between this organism and humans, and the effect of experience and design is to eliminate the rejection reactions between the two living organisms. The original product just to meet some of the basic needs of people, and now products need to let us have a better experience, and even have a genuine love of the masses. Therefore, experience and design have more and more important impact on business, and it has become a core of product value, commercial value and social value.

design is strategy

, deputy editor of atlas

Dong Zhan Lu Culture

in the "crucial design" in the book, author Robert · Brunner that experience itself has become a cultural enterprise. Esslinger, founder of frog design in the book "a fine line", has considered design as a driving force for the future of the enterprise and the future of the business. Esslinger believes that design is a strategy, a complete design as a business philosophy and strategy, in helping us to build a beautiful society and a human economy. Design is sometimes mediocre, sometimes brilliant, or imitative, or innovative, whether you stand on the comfortable side or move toward an innovative future, all in your understanding of the design.

takes experience as the beginning, experience as the end,

Associate Design Strategy Senior Director Song Yu

how can innovative workers bring surprise to users? First, always curiosity, this is an attitude to life, but also an innovative attitude. Second, do not compromise the innovative design of the spirit and belief, third, should have more understanding of users’ development mechanism and innovation development process to ensure that the user experience as the core, pay attention to every aspects of the user experience, from the product, product related accessories >

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