New station local forum operation 10 days of some experience

August 3, 2017

has been a station for years. Mainly for national stations. Nowhere else. But now it’s the people’s congress. Graduation, can not help but make a decent portal, ah,


I chose to develop in Wuhu. Wuhu has some potential. And there are not too many competitors. But they were all carved up. But I still have to drive. Rob the job. Thus, the Wuhu OK Forum opened to www.wuhuok.com, some time ago in a group buying network, gained some real experience. It’s not difficult to make a local station. Insist on. So I jumped out of the local station. It’s best to consider making a local forum. Everyone says gathering popularity from the forums. And then develop into a portal. The train of thought is right. The key is how to do it. Below some of my experience to write out, for everyone to share. Forum, I use DZ. Fairly stable. Ha ha, that is, the space is unstable. Always a problem. I won’t say which one here. Provincial trouble. The theme of my forum is interaction, consumption, information.

forum at the beginning, I opened a lot of columns, with the acquisition. Collected a lot of posts. I really want a big forum. But what is collected is not real after all. So, two days later, I woke up from the dream of joy. This collection is not a thing. So many columns, I collect every day. Where’s the energy?. Besides, gathering is useless. Because they are not local information. So, I began to rebuild the column. Take some computers. Wedding. Get rid of it all. Continue optimizing other columns. Make friends in the city and make friends in the city. Also get rid of. Then leave a membership album. I found many people like to read membership albums. Ha-ha。 No, I have to use different numbers to send pictures. Ha-ha。 Several other plates, group buying, shopping street, are planning operations. Ready to find businesses online. Cooperate with some advertising activities to pull in the business. Imagine. Forum wants to develop. Keep people. How to keep people. Not yet. What information?. Useful information. What are the useful information?. Meet people, chat, make friends. These QQ can be completed. And it’s very convenient. So what can’t be done?. That’s business information.

So I’ll get

forum everywhere business information. Let everyone interact and lead consumption. Rich information. Home has a good shop, just opened, someone was added to the group. Just one person. And hungry, you need to move in. I haven’t done the market yet. Yes, it’s also true. Local station. The merchants are very hungry. Just stick to it. I think group buying is good. Rely on one’s own experience. I bought a web page just before opening a HTM page. Just send a few promotion. As a result, businesses are coming in to check in. Very hungry.. Hey. But I am limited in my ability. Couldn’t do that much. Daily from 9 a. m., 12 a. m.. Have a pain in the back。 It’s very unpleasant. Also want to have friends who want to communicate with me QQ:898841 line, first wrote here. Write a new experience, and then share with you. I am a small grass root… But never >

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