Fashion electricity supplier companies how to design products and experience to allow users to shine

February 28, 2017

now, the fashion and retail industry should be able to occupy a place in the world of science and technology, in the field of entrepreneurial start-ups have become some of the most popular enterprise. And for the young brand, due to the support of science and technology, so that everything is possible, these companies can skip the middleman, and their clients directly communicate, but also no longer need to invest huge overhead can produce high quality products. Logical, this field has attracted the attention of the investors. The company takes less investment can produce enviable profits, to seize the market opportunities, but they also have the ability to expand the scale of the online brand.

but the real challenge for these start-ups now is the need to find a way to stand out from the thousands of online brands, and to allow consumers to focus on themselves. This is an obvious question, but the challenge now is different from the past, so if you want to be successful, you have to apply technology to the right place.

‘s valuable fashion startups are selling their products, which include beautifully designed men’s clothes, women’s bras, or long coats. They do not sell any technology, but by helping consumers to make smarter decisions to buy, technology can help these start-ups to enhance their value. In addition, high-tech materials and the perfect shopping experience is also very helpful for these fashion startups.

technology allows shoppers to shine

in order to achieve the above mentioned goals, you need to provide consumers with further value, rather than just sell their products. These values may not be embodied in the actual price, but you need to provide an incredible user experience, or be able to find a way to allow consumers to make purchase decisions without thinking. Buy your brand value, even for no reason, no reason. This feeling is like your customers have fallen in love with your product or your company, then, there is such a technology?

like Warby Parker’s glasses brand, they will use a technology and user glasses physicians to maintain data synchronization, glasses data so that they can get users quickly, so as to quickly produce a suitable for users of glasses. The Bow and Drape is a new personalized custom women’s clothing company, they use their own supply chain and the advantages of clothing manufacturers, with only 1/4 of the cost of the production of the only style clothing. Both companies are taking advantage of the technological advantages, but also a good example of two irrational values, they finally sold their products in the hands of consumers.

can take a risk in the future clothing fit technology

for garment fit technology, is definitely in the future foresight. However, there are already a lot of young companies

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