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August 2, 2017

networks, personal entrepreneurship, frequent changes in new regulations, variables

as early as three years ago, CNNIC introduced the "one yuan registered" CN domain name policy, cheap stimulus, many netizens began frantically hoarding CN domain name, three years of time, let the development of CN domain reached a peak, making it the world’s largest domain name has a number of top countries. Subsequently, personal website even answers. Thus set off a curtain on Internet start-ups. Of course, many of them are garbage sites and pornographic websites. As a result, in December last year, CCTV criticized CNNIC for the lack of supervision over domain name registration, and subsequently, CNNIC cut off the registration of individual domain names, making the "grassroots Adsense" survival legitimacy questioned. And in January this year, CNNIC and new regulations, will be in the real name system under the premise of the resumption of individual registration CN domain name. However, the frequent changes in the domain name policy has left the individual webmaster lost patience and confidence, but also to the Internet personal entrepreneurship prospects cast a shadow.

today, after the Spring Festival, the Ministry has issued ("the Ministry of industry and information technology on further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)") clearly the legality of the establishment of the. But the program also clear the personal website as the organizer must provide the verification documents, as well as the site record information authenticity verification, audit process, raise the personal access threshold, but the actual operation will encounter many problems. According to the new filing process, the domain name filing needs to increase the photo link. The access service unit needs to collect and retain the website owner in charge of the color front bareheaded photo (electronic photo specification: 800× 600 pixels). And by the "record center" unified production, to provide a logo screen as a camera background, photos should show the camera time and background logo". More webmaster joked: "in the future, China’s personal Adsense in order to apply for the record, will have to go to the special scene photography, a bit similar to the two generation ID card collection process.". Some people sent pictures of the spoof to the website, called by the stationmaster as pictures taken in jail. At present, the approval process has not yet officially started, the webmaster can only continue to wait and see attitude.

January news to the "Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services administration of the State Administration for Industry and commerce" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures") an initial draft, the draft stipulates that individuals in the online shop to the real name registration, the conditions should also apply for business registration. Today, stationmaster net admin5.com and press shop passport will become a reality in 2010, reported recent anecdotal "Interim Measures" of the initial release has been issued. The shop to do as is likely to become a reality in 2010. By then, no matter how specific implementation of the new regulations will cause a great uproar online shop. The shop to do as to some extent can curb the breeding of fraudulent transactions and fakes, but for those small shop through entrepreneurship but less income people, the real name system and licensed will pay tax cost and improve entrepreneurial threshold.

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