Mentality is the most important ability to do a website

August 2, 2017

interviewed a lot of successful people, also met many successful websites, they can persist in success, in the success of behind, there is a very important factor, that is mentality.

everyone has opportunities, opportunities, and conditions. The difference is the way things are and the initiative.

this article does not go into dogmatic talk about the value of mind. Also do not talk about the success of the mentality of the people in the end is how, just talk about, I see so many days Admin5 article feelings.

to Admin5 should be mostly webmaster, and is grassroots webmaster, everyone’s purpose is almost, learning experience, understanding information.

but there are some subtle differences between different people. Here’s just a couple of bad things I’ve seen.

1 copy a lot of articles, only for the top to add a link of their own, this promotion is for the purpose of good, but a little selfish, your hard work is only a link. You have hundreds of thousands of people mobilize too many troops to see your article, just for the sake of spider climb. Just like now, many people have to inform all their relatives and friends and colleagues when they celebrate their birthdays. Why bother?.

2 around the Bush to write soft, or have a flash point of the article, can be slightly along your web site, can be partial to some articles, from A to Z are website display, the good like chewing wax. It is a little green leaves red into a little green leaves red. Should not, estimated editor comrade afraid to delete your post, and I’m sorry your sweat.

3 post curse, in fact it does not have, whether good or bad articles, but not professional writing, just write the peers, poor, is also the author of the heart, no matter how again write, write well, is closed. Not every article can bring benefits, these are also free articles, to which students do.

4 is a lot of webmaster, ask how quickly the big traffic, it seems to be in a month of leveling to 10 thousand IP, will be in a month to earn thousands of income, if the article is not up to the requirements, so it is not a good article, however, whether it is to do the flow of money, is the training process, are long term which can crash, days and months multiplying, in that case, everybody is the webmaster, rather than online.

5 the mentality is very important, when many people criticize others see the soft, also made their own address in the post, not the same as the standard; many people when people down the small owners, did not see himself in the growth of

6, a little more care, more friendship, more learning mentality. Whether it’s in the station or in society. Care for others, benefit not only other people, but also the sublimation of their own mind, sublimation of the realm.

7, whether it is small and medium-sized webmaster, or big webmaster, always keep a moment of peace of mind, learning attitude, humility mentality. So >

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