A common reason why search engines do not include web pages

August 2, 2017

search engines do not include common reasons for web pages

1, the web usage framework: content within the framework is usually not within the reach of the search engine.

2, too many pictures, too few text.

3, submit page to another website: search engine may skip this page completely.

4, submit too frequently: submit more than 2 times in a month, many search engines can not stand, think you are submitting garbage.

5, keyword density is too large: Unfortunately, search engines do not explain how high the density is the limit, generally think 100 words description contains 3-4 keywords is the best.

6, the text color is the same as the background color: the search engine thinks you’re stacking keywords to cheat it.

: 7, dynamic web content management system Web site easy to update a web page, but for most of the search engine trouble, many search engines do not receive dynamic pages, or charge only the first page, not down the depth charge. At this point, consider using the WEB server rewriting (rewrite) technology, mapping the dynamic pages of URL into a similar format to a static page URL. The search engine mistakenly assumes that it is a static page and will charge it.

8, the website server transfer: search engines usually only know the IP address conversion, host or domain name, IP/DNS address change, then you have to re submit your site.

9, free website space: some search engines refuse to index from free space sites, complaining about a lot of garbage, poor quality.

10, search engines crawl when the site is not online: if the host is unstable, there may be such a situation. To make matters worse, even if the site has been collected, re found, not online, will also delete the entire site.

11 blocked the robots indexing site incorrectly: there are two ways to block robots: a simple text file under the root directory of the host server; the web page contains some kind of META tag.

12, a large number of Flash, DHTML, cookies, JavaScript, Java production or password access pages, search engines are difficult to extract content from this kind of page.

13, the search engine can’t parse your DNS: it takes 1-2 days to register after the new domain name is registered, so don’t submit the domain name to the site immediately.

14, the link is too wide web site: links are too wide, low search engines find you, and then consider the site login to well-known categories, or do a few links.

15, server speed is too slow: network bandwidth is small, web download speed is too slow, or web pages are too complex, may lead to search >

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