Do three years local station flow, popularity, no profit

August 2, 2017

what I do is a county-level local station: love Ganyu. The current day is IP 4000+, PV 58 thousand. No profit, the annual fee subsidizing space. I sent an article in A5 in 2009, "I built some experiences about County websites". I only learned some of my own experiences about how to promote local forums and how to manage local forums. Now looking back, the biggest challenge is: how to achieve profitability in order to ensure my forum can go on? Space costs per year and my own time cost out there, if not feed their own profit, only to close the site. This is a very realistic problem. One is always non commercial personal website, suddenly to the commercial website conversion, how to avoid criticism and controversy? Once read an article in A5, in so many words impressed me, a heart I also did not make the business transformation:

follows the quote:

The commercial transformation of the

community is a revolution! A bloody revolution in the realm of consciousness!


1, commercial transformation means rebuilding and positioning. The conscious community exists as a result of consciousness. A commercial community where the interests of the community exist. First of all, the platform is based on profit model, decided to locate, select groups of customers, and then sellers and buyers choose each other. Chosen is born, not chosen dies. Life and death depend on interests, depending on the value of the individual for the new ecosystem.

2, commercial transformation means the redistribution of interest and power. From pure interest to commercialization, this step will directly change the original right system, and in BBS it will be the moderator system, and will gradually affect the original value system based on opinion leaders. Moderator rights system and platform consistent interests of students, contradictory dead. This transformation was bloody and had to go through. Specific cases can participate in the Hefei Forum Home Industry Forum transformation.

The evolution of

3 and commercial transformation is the only way for the community. Through this seemingly cruel process, the community does not necessarily die, but it is even more stable and prosperous. But after this revolution, people who had been immersed in non business communities might miss that atmosphere.

recently my forum users post asked: "love the Ganyu forum works so well, what are the people behind the scenes in the operation?" "the love of Ganyu Forum on what the profit, the profit for the year?" I have Speechless condensate pharynx. Some shame. Let me talk about my team and profitability, and the answer to the member I gave me.

backstage team on the love Ganyu Forum: 0 people. Love Ganyu, no one is behind the scenes. From the first day of the forum, I’m at the front desk and our moderators are at the front desk. At present, the nature of love Ganyu belongs to personal website. Non corporate, non enterprise, non-governmental organizations.

about love Ganyu’s income:

July 2007, 6>

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