Why did Taobao alliance shut down cross store settlement rights in a big way

August 1, 2017

December 6th is yesterday afternoon, many passengers received a letter of Taobao Ali mother to send mail as follows:

respected Taobao guest member:

Hello, in order to better manage and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taobao customers, we will launch new promotion resource management system on December 7, 2013. After the new system is on the line, the information you fill in the new system will serve as an important basis for opening the function and authority of the Taobao related products to you.

is now due to your registration website quality temporarily does not meet the Tmall promotion cross store settlement authority access requirements, we will close your Tmall in December 11, 2013 to promote cross store settlement rights. Suggest you warm, strengthen the construction site, improve the site quality, and timely access to the promotion of a new resource management system (into Ali mother the promotion – Resource Management), supplement or modify the record information, if they meet the conditions, we will open the relevant permissions for your products.

: we are careful not difficult to find, each received mail time is 5:31 in the afternoon yesterday, this is a mass email, rather than specifically for individuals or a way to promote Taobao guests.

there are a lot of people saying Ali mother move is to pave the way for the listing, Taobao will spare none that the author is off, we first beg to differ! Look at Taobao off platform four interest



1. Taobao alliance

2. Taobao seller

3. regular promotion (including some portal, cooperation platform, personal Taobao, etc.)

4. informal promotion (including some cheating means, promotion, the use of technical means, hijacking, PID, etc.)

in the early Taobao alliance was established, all the rules are very loose, almost everyone can have Tmall Cross shop settlement permissions, API call permissions! In the four interest inside, apparently each party can benefit


CPS model is different from CPA or CPC and so on. As the advertisers’ Taobao sellers, the transaction will be deducted. And Taobao sellers, but also very few people to care about their products, is formal promotion out, or not been promoted, but was hijacked traffic. They are only concerned about whether or not the product will be sold and whether they will make a profit.

is a platform that can make all parties benefit, arguably they don’t need to change will go steady, can reform why should they make snap? Only one reason: in order to better user experience and more standardized the


back to the closed shop across the settlement of the issue, I found that reading Union, cross store settlement and is not real close, but into the Amoy to gold, to apply for the permission of the individual. And for >

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