Talk about reading who is China subdivision vertical class electricity supplier leaders feeling

July 31, 2017


re read this article, still feel a lot, the vertical, emerging Internet business brings also will once again ignite our passion, what about the vertical, here, just say again, after reading this article you, when more and more vertical into our side, what will you choose? Or what will persist? After all, now the Internet business is still ongoing, whether have the urge to own a vertical business? Well, I would say to read this article about the.

segments vertical industry: industry trends, logistics,


According to the

industry, the logistics in the vertical field and some will become more and more important, how to say, because some industries do not have the logistics support, will become more and more cold, consumers rely heavily on logistics becomes more and more important? Specifically, is the local service supermarket, when Ma starts when the local service industry it is certainly good, want to retreat, because the local logistics service industry is not really as we go to the supermarket, and logistics to do it, you can let everyone can buy homes for local service products, so the logistics in the local service plays a crucial role.

rice, a rice, belonging to the local life, for consumers, want to go to the supermarket to buy the northeast rice, Thailand rice, etc., can be purchased at the site, and localized logistics successfully, fast delivery will become consumers more trust, after all who don’t want little home the mouse is the right goods door-to-door, the layout of the logistics industry becomes more and more important for the life of consumer goods, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, washing clothes, clothes hanger, daily life and so on such related goods, requires the logistics in the distribution. Therefore, the local services and logistics have the most advantage of network

segments vertical industry two: online and offline, who can not be separated from


when glasses industry has such a violent market, online and offline to each other to make full use of each other’s strengths to maximize profit and development, in fact, in daily life, online and offline really cannot do without each other, because some things online purchase convenient, but some things must be online under the actual inspection and the people’s feelings and make the best decision.

glasses industry is such that contact lenses in the development of online to develop at the same time, also want to frame glasses to observe the line, so as to obtain the development of profitable, after all the profit to be higher than the spectacle lenses 3 times, the line is not optometry obstacles through the Internet breakthrough in this industry in each other, make up the defects of mutual development, is the development trend of the maximum under development line will also drive the flow line, and the flow line can also be a lot.

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