The fatal injury of independent blog

July 31, 2017

tired of the boredom and low taste of the BSP blog, I finally decided to follow the path of independent blogging.

Why is

BSP boring and vulgar? In fact, the problem is to look at the BSP space that portals do. For example, in SINA Blog, those hits are amazing, except for so-called celebrities, who are elites. They are either entertainment audience yearn day and night artists, exposed organs and nudity, or industry leaders or WEB2.0 created by the offbeat celebrity, in addition to bluff, all the tactics is good at blockbuster, go back the traditional way and system, in order to highlight the difference between them is different from ordinary senior citizens. I’ve been mixing with SIna for years, and though I know all this at last, I wake up a little late. Until the latter half of last year, I finally made up my mind to leave BSP and follow my own independent blog, no matter what the future conclusion was. At least I won’t regret my choice at the moment. BSp has a lot of wounds, I said just a little, in fact most people feel shame is China blog visitors are 80% high degree low, Xu Jinglei made the first celebrity China BSP blog, this is proof. I turned to the Phoenix lvqiuluwei famous reporter blog recently, like her reporter at least in the ink should be accomplished most of the BSP Chinese blogger teacher, funny is her every blog over a million hits, but the comments are heinous: in addition to his statement, then some abnormal nonsense. No wonder Wang Anyi closed her blog because she couldn’t stand the superficiality and boredom of Chinese bloggers.

is there any fatal damage to independent blogs? The answer is yes. Independent blog injury, is the independent blogger used portal is lively and noisy, open at the beginning, eager to find the audience, as if every independent bloggers are supposed to be Xu Jinglei or Liu Xiang. They tend to forget the original intention of blog, to walk at traffic and PV dead end, finally have resorted to the old standard of SEO, the content is king’s blog made the experiment technology, it is only SEO, but lost the content. This one, a lot of garbage station friends by Internet overnight miracle lost soul, hundreds of yuan price and making the site without wings and hit the portal to HSBC, the pain was everywhere Cang bruise. I have a deep feeling about it. In fact, the independent blog is forgotten by the internet corner, in accordance with the current long tail theory, at least for now, independent blog is still at the end of the long tail of the internet. Even if the end of the future is bright, but also not when the webmaster big weighing gold. If every independent bloggers are able to adhere to the humiliation, tolerance lonely do stand ideas, one day, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

famous independent blogger Long Weilian (Moonlight blogger) once said a word, gave me a very deep impression. ‘when I started blogging, there were so many links,’ he says

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