How to write an optimized website operation scheme (personal case)

July 29, 2017

The Qixi Festival

today, several brothers have called to be married, Green Court opened the room, I can’t wait to show the real number, mingtu bad, has been set up, the anger no trivial matter, I decided to write an article to tell myself: open the room to

as early as possible!

recently in WeChat "website of 108" public number, a lot of people ask me how to write a business plan, I answered, feeling overwhelmed, just before I made a data operation scheme at home on weekends (website optimization direction), so I intend to use personal experience to popularization I say: what is the website operation optimization scheme.


business season came, the leader said: Han Li ah, this core business data operation, you do it, as soon as possible a website operation optimization program. I am pleased to agree (hee hee, my attitude has been alive, to live, always very excited, as they usually rely on personal things and can finally stand out and front a try; and just make a transition to occupation social services, this service, more can be summed up to a lot of business knowledge)

well, where do I start? By convention, I must start with data to find out the problems of the website itself. Past experience, I have always thought that there are three data sources: website monitoring tools click stream data, log data and experience data. The first two data sources do not need to be repeated. What is the experience data? Is your own experience, as a user, each business with the user’s goal to experience your upcoming operating site, interactive flow details, find problems; of course, even better things, you can also experience the competitor’s website. In some cases, the persuasiveness of the competitor’s experience data is more convincing than the site monitoring tools and log data. When you really find a big problem with your website based on your own real experience, the leaders and business people will have nothing to say. Past experience tells me: the web log data and website monitoring tools click stream data because the data monitoring method, different index different definitions of personal data, analysis of amount of experience will cause a lot of fee tongue passing thing. After all, you give business related personnel (such as product manager, algorithm, BD) make people psychological backseat driver is certainly not willing to. Especially when a unit as the expert, who are not willing to admit mistakes.

1, determine KBR, and decompose

in it, @ song star often to give us a house, when I studied with him for a website analysis (it is website operation 108 will fire when:

)Make sure your

KPI> > > find the driving factors influencing your KPI (global drive + local drive) > > > analysis of the website and the business module, found the problem > > > test improvement problem (channel +>

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