From the website a day later, PV reached 15000 experience impression

July 29, 2017

I’ve read a lot of promotional articles, what techniques I feel, and what SEO shouldn’t be. I’m going to try a station to prove my idea. The day before yesterday, that is, No. 26, I want to do a new station, with a ready-made empire system, templates designed by myself. For beginners, actually, it’s simple to look at the templates. I don’t post this URL, I’m afraid it’s AD.

site 26, at 13 p.m. formally launched. As I began to promote the idea, first of all is to visit all the major search engines, the site collection, major content aggregators. It also links several of its own websites, because I’m a multi server, and I don’t have to worry about not connecting with IP. Another is to compare the original method of soil, QQ group propaganda for a while, mainly to increase the site heat. Early I want to, mainly let search engine included, and then I want to do keywords ranking. I didn’t expect IP to be more than 600 PV15000 yesterday. I did not think of it, so PV high website that my position is pretty good, it also gave me the confidence to do so.

I do this from

station to the basic experience is to do now, the flow is not so difficult, mainly to do site positioning, don’t be too complicated, more simple, more concise, the interface should be relaxed, content is to. Especially in advertising at the same time, we must choose good advertising, such as those with SP advertising, pop, and resolutely not to do, which is very affecting the user experience. You want a web site user experience is good, then he will be more customers, so that traffic can do IP accumulation. If the site experience is poor, 100 users can not retain a user, you say that such a station, there are still prospects for development?. Website promotion, content first,


and so on, I let me stand by Baidu included, and share my experience, this article by looking for fun webmaster release

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