Homogenization analysis of product ideas can you do that

July 29, 2017

Hello everybody, I am a grass roots brother, today for you to analyze the product of the idea of homogenization differences in the content of ideas. What is the difference between the homogenization? We first give an example, IPhone4, only two colors of black and white 4S 5 and three series, and the two version in addition to color, other configurations are the same, but the color is belong to the same attribute, we cannot say which color is better, but the radish leaves. The configuration is really hard in the allocation of the difference will belong to different quality, but IPhone different colors in terms of price but there is a difference, this is the product homogeneity difference.


the students believe that this concept should be some understanding of the homogenization of difference? Why grassroots brother suddenly want to refer to the idea, and when a grass root industry about products yesterday, compared to our other products jobss product ideas with the same industry, the products of Joe closer thought I was in particular, differences, Thoughts on the homogeneous good, no nonsense, we directly get to see the so-called homogenization difference thought in the entrepreneurial process we grassroots can use to us.

strokes one: the difference between high and low configuration

we look at the Internet industry in various products, almost all of the products are used by the different ideas, but more is different qualitative differences, different price phenomenon, such as the level of configuration and have a different version of the standard edition, membership, advanced edition, platinum edition and so on. The benefits of doing so is to do with different conditions to attract more consumers, but people have dark psychological pursuit of perfection and vanity, such an approach is adopted different qualitative differences to set up a step, to attract consumers to climb step by step.


, for example, have low version and high version of a product, and the economic strength of the consumers can buy low version, when he used the low version, he may not be able to be reconciled, he must think of some day in the future for the high version, consumers may not be good, my heart will be scared. The money people stupid rich handsome when using high version, look at their own pay the money in exchange for a so-called universal high version, use effect and low version almost was not willing to, ah, people are so bitchy, love is so tangled.

stands in a profit perspective, different qualitative difference is to set up a stage for our target consumers, let them climb step by step, and we are also able to earn more profits from, but in the product and the user’s point of view, this approach is not the first to make products more perfect, it is a castrated version of a beautiful regret, but he is not a perfect product, the user will before the purchase and use of more tangled, this is caused by different qualitative differences.

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