Book marketing needs to break through traditional marketing limitations

July 29, 2017

book is a kind of commodity, which meets the needs of the human spirit and is a kind of commodity with a relatively large proportion. Although the book has the commodity attribute, but for many years, in the marketing aspect, but cannot obtain the publisher and the publisher should take seriously.


books are a kind of commodity, they should conform to the characteristics of the market economy and carry out marketing activities to promote their sales. However, the birth of book products has a long history and is not the product of modern economy. Therefore, it has been confined by some traditional modes of thinking and limited its marketing model. In addition, book products have relatively limited profit margins, which make publishers and publishers equally limited in their energy and financial resources for marketing activities.

With the change of book publishing mode, the competition of book market is becoming more and more fierce in

. If we can not break through the traditional marketing model of books, find a way to adapt to the development of the times and suit the marketing of book products, then the book market will eventually come to the end of history.

Internet media brings new opportunities and challenges for book marketing because of its unique advantages. Network marketing makes the information spread faster, wider and more effective. Especially suitable for books small investment, big income marketing needs. On the basis of breaking through the traditional book marketing model and creating business opportunities, we must pay attention to two key points to achieve the maximum effect of network communication. The combination of Qi promotion planning the implementation of the book marketing — a case study of "care is the beginning of the poor", on the two key points about you:

Internet is eyeball economy platform, book sale needs to attract netizen to pay close attention to

whether books or other commodities, to achieve the most effective network communication effect, we must focus attention on attracting attention through the manufacture of Internet users. The focus of information on books is mainly from the following aspects:

The author of the

personality: "regardless of is the beginning of the poor" this book through the real life experience of the author of "Taiwan taxi driver Zhou Chunming history" hero packaging, its personality charm of sublimation, through high density communication network platform, has aroused widespread concern and word-of-mouth network of friends, and then the author the new book "care is the beginning of the poor" attention rising.

classical sentences in the book: through the "poverty is the beginning of" the classic sentence in the book refining and dissemination, so that it aroused the interest of readers, so that consumers have the motivation to buy.

wrote: "celebrity books and recommended care is the beginning of the poor" this book by Tang Jun and Yu Shiwei jointly recommended celebrities, and written by Taiwan writer Xiao Shimei, the dissemination of information to consumers, with celebrity effect, increase the reputation and influence of books.

Internet is a comparison platform, book marketing needs to focus on consumer emotional needs and reach a consensus,

books are the crystallization of human spiritual civilization, and it is the most suitable commodity for emotional marketing. Through the culture of books, >

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