Ancient Wei do micro business profitable way of operation

July 28, 2017

students, many people in the WeChat public number to ask me: how to operate micro business to earn money, in fact, this problem is relatively large, but here I share some of my views:

has a data show that from 2014 to 2015, micro entrepreneurs up to about 10 million people. Most of them are not WeChat marketing experience small micro business, the problems they encounter is not understand marketing methods, frequent advertising caused by shielding Shuabing, cut the derivative of the road. In fact, the arrival of the implementation of this layer is a Kung Fu life, the test is not only your ability to learn, more or executive power and insight into human nature, to capture social hot spots, creative writing and other comprehensive ability. Of course, each of us is different, can be based on their own personality, hobbies to decide.

, but no matter what you are, in the micro business practice, play a circle of friends should do the following three points:

one, draw attention:

tactical thinking: mixing circles, skills, fans,

often hears such a saying: "if you want it, you must give it first.". What this phrase says, "what do you want? What do you give to others? Where do you give? How do you give


here is that the mixed circle, application skills, gather fans, where you? Certainly is the current popular variety of community, discussion groups, various Post Bar, various groups, express your opinions and ideas, to seduce people and relationships, the first premise is, you need to have some skills. A circle of application of your skills, there will be a group of friends around you like drawn to like.

remember, in the brand and without too much personal influence is first to share their knowledge and value, and then go to service everyone around me and have trust and rely on, the greater the chance of becoming friends, this is the social environment based on the rules, do first social value exchange, then to do commercial P2P transactions.

two, become partner,

value recognition, making money first, hand in hand alliance,

became friends easily, people remember you, know what you are doing and what is special, really become the cause of the partnership, the first have to consider the money in the real society, the value of identity, but also to make money, naturally come together.

No matter

derivative or do what, after all is the commercial human behavior based on social relationships, first of all to sell yourself, let everyone have a crush on you, good impression, will pay attention to your products, buy your products. So, after you select the product, you should focus on how to build your personal brand in the WeChat circle, and establish a good relationship with you. Once you have a good reputation in your friend’s heart, I believe it’s much easier to sell products. Only people oriented, is the long-term business of micro quotient.

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