How should a new person look at the development of the nternet

July 28, 2017

first, the couple should give you a correct position, that is to say no matter what you do in reality, how much, come to this new "social network", to reposition itself, the positioning of the standard is not your present status, how much money can a year all of these, no relationship, because the first to recognize yourself, in order to know ourselves, we need to remember that each step into a new environment, he is a newcomer, everything before and now Never mind, so the key is to recognize yourself! Then find a level and his teacher. It’s the quickest way to learn and progress! Friends don’t cross, because although they are likely to become your friend, but that their success you can not be copied, to admit that you are There is a gap! So it is best to pay and their equivalent level of friends, this is very important! There must be psychologically prepared, any industry profiteering, including the network, you can try to ask some of the owners, some people may have a day, or a few dozens of pieces of income. But they’re sticking to it because they know it won’t always be this way. So we must have a protracted war! Some experience and skills are summed up by the predecessors, others give you fat, from your own hunting too fat, there is a long distance! Don’t complain! A good complaints, is never done, this is also a great man said. Success often to losers often complain! So, the mentality is very important, it determines your success! What psychological complaints do have failed! Make friends must learn to pay, we need to learn is the first to make friends. If your friends are rich, you are not a pauper. So the first step is to make similar with their level of friends, then we must make better than his friends, slowly to make friends, we must first learn to pay, because we are not our strong friends, so we must learn to pay sincere, so in order to gain their favor, so that we can learn useful things more


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