How to respond frequently to recruitment websites Baidu

July 25, 2017

recently, Baidu rankings have been more substantial adjustments, many of our sites have appeared a larger drop, many of the original in the home page keyword was even expelled to 100. By understanding that there are many personal webmaster website also has great fluctuations. Especially include and reverse link. From this point of view, such a situation occurs, there is great universality.

a, phenomenon summary

for the emergence of this situation, we are under the premise of partial adjustment, or should continue to do basic work, and better than before. Of course, these are commonplace, simply say where to pay special attention to it,


, A, content updates pay more attention to quality. Content is king, that is, the content of high quality, good quality, Baidu will feel Hello, it thinks you are good, naturally like you, adjust you also adjust your direction to the good. Every day to the website regularly quantitative updates, the article pseudo original on the line, of course, the original best. But to pay attention to high quality, pseudo original time do add delete.

, B, the construction of the chain should adhere to the "three high"". "Three high" refers to high quality, high relevance, high degree of universality. The construction of the chain, if you do this "three high", Baidu want to make us go bad direction adjustment is difficult. This is the basic work of the chain construction, but also the construction of the chain must be done.

C, pay attention to the construction of the chain at the same time, pay more attention to the construction of the chain. Update the article every day, do anchor text link, anchor text can not only do one, to choose a few more.

D, for the structure of our site, a lot of page similarity is very high, it is possible that some sites get Baidu recognition, others are likely to be abandoned, so it is necessary to make adjustments.

two, method implementation

speaking in front of so many, according to our website how to operate it? It was observed that the West and the Pearl River Talent Network Talent Network is the two special site, common feature is that the master keyword ranking is ideal, and the two level station is relatively poor keywords. And Qianjiang talent network is the main station and two stations are relatively poor, the three contrast is very clear. In this case, we can do the following, so we can observe the adjustment effect.

specific operations are as follows:

1, for Huaxi talent network, we can follow the above attention to detail, that is, routine work.

first of all, the Department will complete the pseudo original and original articles every day (from the target point of view, probably about 7 per day), released to Huaxi talent network;

secondly, do a good job exchange of friendship links, looking for relatively good quality links, this is not more than, but in perseverance.

finally, to do enough work within the chain, especially the anchor text settings to be more extensive, such as Chengdu talent network, Chengdu talent

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