404 problems in web page optimization

July 25, 2017

HTTP Error 404 – file or directory not found. This kind of problem can often appear on the webpage, right, recently in the optimization process of a few stations, discover 404 problems. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore the changes in URL pages, which can easily happen.

, for example: www.konike.com.cn/seo11.htm pages in http://s.konike.com.cn/,

has been removed can not be found

404 in the website optimization process may have been realized, 404 problems also more or less and web optimization there are some problems.

went to search some heroes today, and he also mentioned 404 problems in the webpage. However, does such a problem affect page optimization? Of course, the better explanation is that once the 404 point problem occurs, the page cannot be displayed. From the customer’s perspective, to give the user the feeling is not good, do not want to continue browsing your website, but also SE, a mistake "of course search spiders crawl here to stop, because there is an idea.

so in the optimization process of web pages, the best solution is to point to 404, do a page individually, similar to the website, map is best to have, SEO topic is need to do meticulous, comprehensive. Then modify a grammar, but the error page is directed to the special single page do, add a search classification, so that customers can continue to search to see this article, whether it is the user experience or SE search help.

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