The development opportunity and challenge of local community website

July 24, 2017

fourth and the annual meeting, selected the 2008-2009 website Chinese annual 20 most influential places, including the Dragon lane, building 19, Hefei, Xiamen, Pengcheng forum for fish and other local communities interactive websites twenty. These local websites are local community websites with great popularity and influence. They are well received and welcomed by local netizens. They are the best local portals in the region. At the annual meeting, the founder of several well-known local community website of local community website media brand value are discussed, the author sort the local community development opportunities and challenges, we hope to help the webmaster.


before the article "to Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi to talk about the future trend of Zhou Hongyi" website, the summary at the annual meeting of the speech, Zhou Hongyi mentioned in the article, the local community site is the future direction and trend of a period of time for the development of the Internet, the local community has a good prospect. In the local community website brand value of media salon discussion, just to practice the paper on this topic, general manager Qian Yu long lane, Hefei forum founder Wang Hai, the 19 floor of the vice president Wang Zhenyu et al in this discussion.

on the opportunities and challenges of local communities, the founder of several forums have done a detailed description.

Hefei forum Wang Hai said that the popularity of the Internet and the surge in the number of Internet users have provided a good market environment for the local community forums. Internet users more and more love in online communication, and participate in the discussion of current affairs, local community forum provides a platform for just this group, the local internet interaction and autonomy, local forum traffic surge. Although these flows have regional characteristics, they are effective traffic and can form long-term and effective stickiness. In addition, the official mainstream media has not yet been involved in the industry, providing opportunities for local forums. On the one hand and the local forum challenge is from the official government departments, and hot news forums are generally sensitive news in society, the news is precisely the government departments, the mainstream media to hype, which formed the contradiction, so the local network station to strengthen the government public relations ability, strengthen cooperation, the website will not be the mainstream media "unspoken rule".

Hualong Xiang Qian Yu said, the advantage of the local community website is the biggest local user traffic, there is no real effect on the flow field of the local community. The local community web site should do a good job of determining the status of the crowd, identifying the major users, and providing and improving services for the community. Although the national web site media has a large flow, but these traffic is difficult to translate into practical interests. Local users can easily form interaction and participation, and organize online and offline, which is of fundamental significance to the development of local websites. On the other hand, local websites have operational challenges. Compared to the traditional media, local community websites belong to the new media, the development time is not long, and there are still deficiencies in management, talent, operation and so on

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