O2O observation how does the house sell 200 billion of the house a year

July 24, 2017

[Abstract] most of the business is at the back end of the real estate transaction, and most of the work is done by developers and brokers.

editor’s note: "O2O observation" is the Tencent science and technology channel’s focus on O2O field analysis and research WeChat public account (search inside-o2o can add attention). In the near future will be launched "case studies" series of articles, the third phase of the housing concern.


for the establishment of less than three years, has set 200 billion annual target of real estate O2O company, it seems necessary to understand how they do business.

1. basic information

according to the housing public information, in 2012, this team started from the Suzhou market, then expanded to 10 cities, trading volume reached 4 billion yuan. In 2013, the volume of transactions expanded rapidly to 40 billion.

currently houses more in more than 40 cities landing, penetration brokerage company stores 50000, signing brokers more than 500 thousand. More than 500 cooperative real estate projects. In the first half of this year, the company announced a 50 billion volume, and the company expects to reach 200 billion this year.

The number of employees from the

point of view, this has just entered the vision of public concern company has not a small company, a lot of room there is a 2000 person team on the ground, including the developers sales team and service team to push the brokerage company. In addition, many of the online team, that is, product technology, gathered at the headquarters of Shenzhen.

financing: in July this year, a lot of room announced the completion of B round of financing, by casaarte fund, Lightspeed An Zhen Chinese venture capital, CDH venture joint investment of $80 million.

2. product logic

for the purchase of real users, it is difficult to sense what the house is in the end, but this does not conflict with its first half of 50 billion transactions. The reason is that the team’s previous business was mainly at the back end of the real estate transaction, and most of the work was done by developers and brokers.

simply said that the value of the room is to enlarge the broker’s "connection" function". Traditionally, brokers only sell second-hand houses. But many rooms and real estate developers to cooperate, the new premises of the resources open to brokers, so that customer resources to grasp the second-hand housing brokers to participate in the new premises sales process.


: the official website gives Vanke project as an example, a lot of room to open a total of Vanke 18 projects, 3200 second-hand brokers through a lot of room to participate in the 18 new real estate sales, they bring a total of 12596 showings customers, the final turnover of 1599 sets of new homes.

, this "let second-hand brokers sell new homes" business in the property market

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