Web design is like a person focus on coordination, highlighting features

July 24, 2017

website design to the future development of a website, from the perspective of the user experience to be a good website design to attract more users and retain users, users from the propaganda; the webmaster do itself perspective, a good website design more reasonable planning website, from the website optimization; the search engine’s point of view, a good website design can help search engine spiders crawl gradually improve the site’s friendliness.

with a person is a reason, the website design should focus on coordination, if a person lacks a certain parts of the body, it can not be said to be a healthy person, website design website design is also the case, we do not want to do, more important is to cannot leave defects, make a web site from the surface is brilliant, but it is essentially to. The website design should also highlight the characteristic of the website in coordination at the same time, everyone has their own strengths, whether you are playing games, playing basketball, football and so on. It is special creepy weird, but all have the expertise, the same is true of the website design, no matter where we are to do. Should a characteristic site, can do from the products, services and so on, summed up a good website design must pay attention to these two points: pay attention to the coordination of prominent features, so we do when the site how these two used to do


one. Define website page, advocate user loves

website design to coordinate, then ignore the voice of the user is not a webmaster, should stand in the user’s point of view on how to design the website should be up, more consideration from the title of the site – – – – column layout navigation service, website design does not only depend on a person’s thinking can decide, should also be more friends to listen to some opinions and wipe rival views from various angles to finalize the design of web page, but all will be clear: Web page should first meet the needs of users, remember that your page design is half success.

two. Merge into the pattern from point to point. Consider

from an optimization point of view

in front of the focus on the user experience, but the light of the user experience is not enough, we should also pay attention to the user experience and site optimization coordination, will be the site of the optimization into the user experience, you can take the opposite pattern, namely an optimization point into the entire user experience into multi pattern, optimization the website also even if it is done, but also does not affect the user experience, do a website in focus on user experience and search engine optimization respect even if successful, is to do the site coordination.

three. Starting from the site pattern, highlighting the site should have characteristics,

in site coordination at the same time, we should explore the site should have characteristics, here for example, if you are a local website, then you should be the characteristics of the local folk customs and history.

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