Summary of the chain method

July 15, 2017

chain is from other web site to import your own web site links, can give yourself web site with a form of weight. Webmaster to web site to do the chain. Nothing more than want to make your website keywords have a good ranking. As the saying goes, "content is king", the chain is "emperor"". Site optimization, including the station with the station outside, light do stand inside, outside the station, but nothing is not good, on the contrary, do a good job outside the chain, there is no content in the station is also not possible.

today, the Internet industry is very competitive, Baidu has also released a variety of algorithms suitable for search engines. Want your site has good rankings, the chain is the best way. The chain is a link to guide the spiders to crawl the content on your site, the spider through your chain guide this stone to improve the website included number; high quality original chain not only spiders and users will love, love, to improve the user experience. In a high PR outside the chain platform to do the chain, can give their website pass weight, improve website traffic, so as to increase conversion rate. The following I come to share with you their own chain of methods, experience summary:

1, blog promotion,

blog is divided into independent blog and third party blog, independent blog must be raised first, it will take a long time, and later effect is considerable. Here we only say third party blog, more well-known, there are Sina, Sohu. NetEase, dispatch, Baidu space, and so on, for example, to promote the F600 business network, the key word to anchor text, in the blog, the article naturally inserted anchor text;

2, classification information

classification information, suitable for hyperlinks to do the form of the chain. Classified information network, a lot faster, 8, love speakers and so on, in fact, these classified information network PR is good, and the chain included is also very fast, it is recommended to use;

3, soft Wen promotion

, soft Wen more difficult, but it is all the way in the chain of the most obvious effect of the chain way. General high-quality original soft text can be delivered to A5, Chinaz and so on platform, waiting for approval through the line. Once passed, some businesses or webmaster will reprint your article to each platform, so it is equivalent to you do the chain;

4, Forum promotion

this proposal less done, since Baidu released pomegranate algorithm, BBS signature without weight, is considered as garbage outside chain, so many well-known BBS also removed BBS signature this form;

5, interactive links

can find PR high correlation, also high website to do friend chain, that is the best. Pass the weight to us through the high PR website. But the webmaster also always pay attention to observe the situation of friends chain, once found that the friend chain has been K phenomenon, quickly remove its link, or will be implicated in their own web site, this must pay attention to;

6, WeChat promotion,


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