To be a station is as much a life as a man

July 15, 2017

in 2000, just graduated from University, unemployment has nothing to do at home after four months, I take money to help dad opened a cafe, half love, half in order to be a useful person for the society, reflecting the value of your life (which is only used when the nonsense words, it is nonsense, do not make money) at that time, the Internet, or the Internet more fire, three dollars an hour, there are four hours in a day is often full, (then two dollars an hour, a five hours later, just a piece of money for an hour, and then put a lot of Internet cafes have when buddy white, often play sometimes also take a bottle of water what, this is something).

Internet cafes to 2002, because of work reasons, no longer open, in this period, it is a very happy time in my life, although the Internet bar competition, was a street, after me soon, it has poured out of three Internet cafes, against me, the price hit station, the speed of the machine, with you at that time, around more than 10 dead end hardcore FANS (do not know the right spell, oh), regardless of whether others home have much advantage than my family, is holding the dead, until now, think about that time, think that friends are warm hearts. It’s a very happy and happy day.

even so, because of competition, the number of Internet cafes for a while than before, sometimes when people rarely, I’ll be free on the Internet, chat QQ, also at that time, began to learn web production, think that time is very interesting, in a free space to apply Yitang casually, get a a single page, above the whole piece of oneself or what photos below the whole words, you want to know me? Can point to the next step, the next step, ah, just send a simple publicity, people will have more content, people even more, at that time online entertainment facilities are really poor, people are very easy to meet. Later, more interested in getting to the website, the.Com domain (a lot of years ago, the station has gone), also began to appear online free ASP code, at that time, began to make a list of websites, unlimited, articles, jokes, news…. what are, but the use of all of the database, the layout was also out of order, feel the infinite great (after all, before and after 2001, with the standard now is certainly different:), is my most impressive, then hao123 is not hao123 now, is still very active in the website, I stand, it was closed in, I now think, is really

infinite regret!

know the website can also make money, is already one year later, at that time, many webmaster contact friends, chat together, chat, someone recommended me to do SMS alliance, at that time, that was included in hao123 website, has not done, because there are some time in traffic, it frequent open, slow to make me sick, and I blame myself, just play well, did not think of a good host, this.

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