Station six months how do make traffic soaring

July 15, 2017

at the beginning of April 2008 to build healthy homes, from agents bought the domain name space, get started. Start using the ASP CMS press release system, good website architecture, because they are learning the professional, the usual collection of health information uploaded to the website, this website is set up. But then I found a lot of drawbacks of the site, first, the interaction between the site and users is poor, and the two is that the system takes up a lot of space, so after thinking about a summer vacation, I decided to install the forum.

quickly downloaded from the Internet discuz6, ready to install, frankly, to web design and programming what really will only be utterly ignorant of the most simple, HTML language, beginning DZ forum will not even installed at the forum, learning a week with the help of friends before the establishment of the first forum your station. The establishment of the forum, followed by the content, and a dozen more sections, the beginning of the update only one person. Because I do is health forum, so start posted health knowledge the other station, so again and again, as long as there is free time on the Internet, health knowledge update constantly on the station, but the flow has yet to go up, then I found the Google hot list is very useful, you can update the relevant knowledge according to the hot list, in September of last year, is the milk powder incident, people pay more attention to health and health knowledge, so I investigated and summed up a lot of milk, most are original, and then go to the forum to promote, daily traffic reached almost 500 to 1000, there is a kind of pain and happy feeling.

There are many methods to improve the flow of

, I think the link is one of the most effective methods, do not link casually, but choose to do, and do their own website links, when people visit other sites when they have the opportunity to visit their website, but also to try to do PR high site for the new station, this is very difficult, but hard work pays off, still can make themselves satisfied with the link, if each link to the site you can bring 50 flow, the 100 links? As you can imagine, linking not only improves your traffic, but PR also improves very quickly. Since September, when the forum was built, by December, when Google updated PR, my site had reached 3.

site for nearly 1 years, traffic maintained at 1000IP/ days. But always insist on constantly updated, but also began his stand on the original post, constantly looking for health related knowledge, now there are nearly 1000 people standing on the members of the search engines is not too much, may be the reason the website, Baidu included 300, Google included 1300, YAHOO included 2200. But a lot of words such as health home in the major search engines are in the top five. Come a year, see these feelings still very solid.

does not know anything about it, so what do you do to optimize your web pages and improve your rankings?

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