Talking about the ten major operable methods of choosing space for a station owner

July 14, 2017

1, of course, first of all, is to see the space master to open the speed, are you satisfied?.

2, Baidu and GOOGLE.

Keywords: " the company name " " website name " " payee name " " website QQ" and so on. Easily and sometimes, you can find important reference materials, user experience, evaluation information and so on. In particular, search names, telephone, QQ and other contact information, we tend to ignore.

keyword: (space quotient domain) example:

can search the web page where the domain name is pasted, or where it is displayed, such as IDC’s ad posts or links on other sites. (space quotient domain) example:

this is search the domain name that the domain name resolves to the website that search engine is collected. You can find some web pages that are not noticed in the domain name.

3, check the space business license, such as whether the operating website * (ICP card, non ICP prepared). Are there any business, tax and other relevant permits?.

but is not only from the view of "taking space. Because of these methods are easy to correct PS. is: login website is the real letter department ICP card.

can make a phone call to the space business, the local industry and Commerce Department inquires whether there is indeed its company, and not just look at the documents on the web screenshot.

4, through online customer service or contact way, direct contact contact, customer service is patient and meticulous warm service.

5, check out the space merchant’s customer case directly on the website. If there is no relevant information, you can contact customer service request.

to understand the general business situation of the space provider.

6, through the customer case of the webmaster asked about space performance, stability, speed, all aspects of the situation.

7, whether the space can be tested, if you can try, upload some ASP probes, or PHP probes,

can have a rough idea of the server situation.

8, don’t be fooled by the content and appearance of the space commerce website. These are very easy to make.

but one thing, he won’t fake it.

: for example, some space providers, websites, collection banks are in X Province, and company addresses are in Y province. What about you,


9, test >

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