Zhou Hongyi’s three inspirations for entrepreneurs

July 14, 2017


industry is different, but the reason for the success is usually the same, hope that the article can give grassroots friends a little inspiration, I wish more stationmaster net friends can enter into the door of success, we progress together with


, the first is to be yourself. Now many people do too much attention to what their opponents are doing. Sometimes they even mess up their own square because of the change of their opponent’s tactics. Speaking of this, I remember the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union during the cold war. The Soviet Union was basically dragged alive by the United states. Similarly, in the enterprise, too much attention is likely to fall into the Soviet Union, the state of being dragged to death.

the Internet world is full of possibilities that give everyone a chance to succeed. What kind of success is innovation? It can bring about revolutionary revolution. As a result, countless startups have sprung up in the internet. These start-up companies in the development process must have the strategy and direction of their own, of course, this strategy and direction can be adjusted, but with their own development and the market need to be adjusted, not because the opponent adjustment. Others scold you, praise you do not have any substantive significance, do not pay attention to the saliva of others, do not fall into the pointless war of words. For Internet entrepreneurs, it’s difficult to block the entry of competitors in the early stages. Can only give full play to their advantages, choose a focal point to concentrate on doing. Most of the time, is to win in speed, now a lot of things are not fish, but the fish eat slow fish. Try to do the most with the least amount of money. Idea is important, execution is more important.

second is about the size of start-up companies at the beginning. Startups are called startups, which are small in size and small in resources. At this time, we should optimize the allocation of resources, so that they are in the best shape. Start-up companies do not have too many people, too many words should not form a joint force. Of course, Ma’s "Eighteen Lohan" is a miracle, but also a classic in the history of management. But most people are not Ma, so we must control the size of personnel. Make the best of everyone’s strengths and make 1+1> 2. Similarly, the funds should not be too much, less funds can do good things, more money, desire also inflated, ambitious, and the other can not keep up, but easy to do bad things,

third is the financing of start-up companies, who accept the investment problem. If there are two options: one is the formal foreign investment risk, is a local private capital, Zhou Hongyi choose the former, the reason is very simple, the former is more comply with the wind industry, the rules of the game. The biggest performance of venture capital is not to control the company, nor interfere in the management of the company, this mature international venture capitalists generally follow this rule. For local private capital, it is not easy to accept. The usual performance of local folk capital is easy to think that you took their money to work for them, as they want to control the company, do not become their money boondoggle, can.

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