The way for the construction of my local classified information network

July 14, 2017

from the beginning of 2008, when I saw, when the platform network these well-known classification information website, I asked myself, why not build a Taizhou information network, non-commercial, non-profit, only you need to serve the people of Taizhou! After 1 years, I finally made non commercial properties of a real Taizhou area, classified information website nonprofit


in doing this website, I met a lot of problems, the first is the problem of domain name, then net, like, CN, and so on are registered, as well as some other Taizhou including several character domain names are not! Then I have a friend that the domain name for sale, but the price very high, to more than 5000 dollars.

I was listening to silly, where make so much money at that time or [students], no way, only then brush my friends and my credit card, to raise more than 5000 dollars, bought the domain name! My first month of work after the salary is for a few months later also include this 5000 dollars! After a long period of time, I really started my Taizhou information network construction work, to choose the server, to do logo and reform program code is a person I done slowly, which have encountered many difficulties, like the beginning of time and space then the modified program code, the program there are hundreds of files to be gradually modified, only the documents have fully changed my 10 nights, no way to go to work during the day, only at night to slowly change generally do 12 points! Around, think about that would be really cattle face ah,


here I would like to thank those who helped my friends, especially some mobile phones and A5 friends on Chinaz! Say to you here: Thank you


summed up:

in 2010 the most popular site is the local station, local stations and local sorting station for the hot spots, especially the local information classification and professional standing! As long as a good promotion, this kind of site profit is very impressive! But no matter what the site should be practical to do


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