My opinion on the statistics of several websites in China

July 11, 2017

I began to research and practice of SEO/SEM many times from 2000, he had tried to do statistics, then feel free for others to provide statistical data it is difficult to maintain, so give up this very interesting things. Later, I used a variety of statistics, as long as you can say I have used. Summed up, there are several relatively worthy of mention statistics are as follows:

1, CNZZ webmaster statistics


statistics from individual statistics evolved into an independent third party data company operating mode statistical experts are just few years ago, the support of the VC server is very stable, review of statistical data since there is no case appeared slow. CNZZ webmaster statistics is supposed to be a very powerful statistics, but recently the CNZZ adjustment of the business strategy, launched a panoramic view of statistics, every year at least a few thousand dollars can be used to support the company through the statistics service paid operation is It’s only human., but the fee is too expensive for many personal webmaster can not accept, even GOOGLE the Internet giants are just need statistical service to pay 50 yuan / one-time can get unlimited PV, CNZZ panoramic statistic price positioning is too high. Details determine success or failure, CNZZ webmaster statistics without a goal conversion function, site coverage map, statistics and GOOGLE statistics have the function of advertising; secondly as keywords view where the key word length is not good enough, need to move the mouse to the key position of webmaster can show the key word of all, such a small place is not humane. Statistics view report is too large, as if 51 statistics that the tabloids even better form, it can give the webmaster a clear feeling, the webmaster all day watching statistics, if you, all day to pull down the window surface, a report to see, you will feel not a bit tired? So I hope CNZZ can update the webmaster statistics.

2 and tongji.la statistics

is a new member of the statistics, Statistics recently obtained heavily in CNZZ after coming out of the complete function, compared with the GOOGLE statistical favorably, since the beta just less than one year’s time already has tens of thousands of users from the beginning, see its unusual charm. It includes the basic statistics function to the general webmaster, other senior to function has the ability in business statistics such as conversion rate, target conversion function, advertising statistics, jump out rate will include, in addition to tongji.la as 51. Just one person A Jiang and maintenance. On the contrary, statistics are run by teams, and are better than 51 in terms of service, stability, statistics, updates, and so on. Now only has 10 servers, there were several statistical server and several functional server and a few extra, plus a few Taiwan mirror, but believe in Haifeng under the leadership of the next few years, it will be the third party statistics statistics which able to twist.

3, 51 statistics.

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