nnovation and Entrepreneurship bid farewell to the traditional outsourcing business success in half

July 5, 2017

why do we have to contact innovation? The development of the Internet age, spell is brainstorming, creativity is half the success. Are you really ready to start a business?

if the venture to sail, so in the business ideas of that moment, in fact, where the blueprint has been drawn in the heart. This road is full of thorns, only the true wisdom of the brave can finally see the final brilliant rainbow.

"traditional" outsourcing services, from the choice of the beginning had failed half.

Why would this


"traditional" service outsourcing mode of operation, is the fastest and most accurate service demand, in order to complete the "target" as the fundamental purpose. In order to ensure profits and income, "traditional" outsourcing team in the initial phase of the project, will be the project requirements and development evaluation is very clear, and will try to avoid in the process of developing the random understand demand, to avoid increasing the workload and cost.

"traditional" efficient outsourcing, and from the client’s perspective, it may not be high output. The goal of entrepreneurship should be through in-depth research and consideration to develop products in line with market demand, to attract more users and potential consumer groups.


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