Henan Shangqiu left behind women rely on science and technology to start a business to get rich

June 29, 2017

rural many people choose to go out to work, but in the village there are a lot of left-behind children and women left behind, in order to promote the rapid development of rural Henan, Shangqiu decided by science and technology to become rich road guide of tens of thousands of women left behind at home business.

rely on science and technology

and brand demonstration base business

development of the handicraft industry

flexible drive home employment of women

Shangqiu women’s federations at all levels in the handicraft industry and processing as a breakthrough, the integration of resources, the formation of a new pattern of employment of women at home, the handicraft industry truly become women "employment stage: one is to build the handicraft industry brand, looking for processing products for women to make contact with the production and sales requirements of the enterprise, organization of women manual processing, the development of industrial village, to build the brand, to achieve the scale of operation, industrial development, led to a large number of left behind women in employment.

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