The price difference of more can improve the sales of products

June 29, 2017

different commodities, the price will naturally be different. However, there are many similar products, if you want to sell, but also the need to achieve price differences. In fact, in a lot of fast food restaurants can be seen, businesses will be the price of different packages, such as chicken burgers, beef burgers and grilled chicken wings packages are all 15 yuan. Fast food restaurant owners may think that this allows customers to make a more rapid purchase decisions.

, however, when consumers face the same set of two sets of burger prices, but more confused. Because they need to compare the advantages and disadvantages between the two packages, sometimes hesitant, simply do not choose the two.

similarity makes buying more complex

studies show that people are more likely to make decisions when faced with more similar choices. In other words, the similarity of goods is inversely proportional to the degree of difficulty in making a purchase decision. Apple’s product line is a single, consumers never tangled in a big screen to buy a red apple phone or a mini screen blue apple phone. They can choose the product difference is small, the similarity is high, the confusion and annoyance brought about by the purchase also reduced, but this is the reason for the success of apple.

price difference to improve the purchase rate of

many businesses will be the price of the product as "× × Yuan", I hope this can reduce the difficulty of decision-making, so that consumers buy quickly. However, according to the survey results, these goods in the price of the small differences show, but can reduce the difficulty of consumer choice, thereby enhancing the purchasing rate of consumers.

reduces selection phobia

select phobia, also known as select difficulty. It is hard to choose a person who is afraid of choice.

businesses need to do is to reduce consumer choice phobia, reduce the difficulty of the choice, so that they make a quick decision to buy. People are more likely to make decisions when faced with more similar choices. Yale marketing insight Center (YCCI) through a series of experiments found that the original product looks more similar, but the first is to allow consumers to pay attention to the difference between them insignificant.

believe that a lot of consumers should have such a choice puzzle, since the price is the same, then I should make what kind of choice? This is a difficult problem. And it is precisely because of this choice of trouble, will make the order slower, directly affect the store business. So, if you want to let the shop business is hot, may wish to highlight the price difference.

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