Somewhere in Shanghai with hungry meal ace ghost restaurant is still in

June 29, 2017

is the so-called: "you want to be healthy, Disease enters by the mouth." to ensure the safety of the tongue is very necessary, but in the hungry meal on the platform, some businesses are still no legitimate business documents. According to the official release of hunger, "9· 27" take "love to eat" homophonic, "quality Festival" flagship high-quality food, called on young people to pay attention to the quality of life outside the work, eat a little better. However, many users are still on the platform to see what you can still see the operating range overrun, incomplete license businesses, had been exposed ghost restaurant is still operating.

range of business, business involving illegal business

users reflect, in Shanghai of Huangpu District province with the ace hungry meal, by "quality" page into a Wyatt & Western-style food "restaurant, see the stores to provide goods from health to pasta salad to the homemade BBQ Goods are available in all varieties. Among them, ranked first in the hot list, this chest a little big (smoked muscle salad) month sold 315 copies.

When the

Click to enter the business of the business license and food service license, netizens amazed to find that the food category rich restaurant, its business license business scope clearly marked as "the fresh fruit and vegetable juice", restaurant service permit is also clearly marked the restricted category for the fresh the fruit and vegetable juice.

The same problem also occurred in

at the Yanan Road, plump Curry House and other shops operating oil frying and cooking is not allowed in the business license of the publicity, but the restaurant will still be "fried squid" "fried chicken / Deep-Fried Spare Ribs" and other dishes are listed on the main menu prominently.

In addition,

in Shanghai, "Bo a crab" shops, businesses in accordance with the provisions of publicity by the food safety supervision publicity quantization level government scoring, results are "poor", even such businesses, has also been selected "quality" list.


name to mislead consumers, dual card not all businesses are still

according to the requirements of the Shanghai Municipal Food and drug administration, the network ordering platform also need to verify the identity of the restaurant and food and beverage service network address is consistent, and asked to send to the scene to verify the original. But in the hungry, "quality Festival" in the topic, some of the shops with the actual address of the logo is too large.

users reflect, to search in the vicinity of Shanghai Dagu Road, a company called "Monday lunch (direct people’s Square)" in the restaurant, see this restaurant in the vicinity of the Huangpu District people’s Square from the name, but the opening of business information can be seen, business address, business license and food service license registration address Changning District Kaixuan, this address from the people’s square foot eight or nine recommendation

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