Jiangsu college students entrepreneurship contest ended in Zhenjiang harvest

June 24, 2017

college students to start a variety of business platform, especially all kinds of entrepreneurial competition after another, so that many students get different experience and harvest. Recently, Jiangsu Province, the first college entrepreneurship contest to decide the winner of the first prize award, Zhenjiang city project, an entrepreneur named list pacesetter.

contest with dreams of youth entrepreneurship   Jiangsu "as the theme, by the provincial agency office in the provincial education department, provincial science and Technology Department, the provincial Commission by letter, the provincial commerce department, provincial Agriculture Commission, the provincial Party committee, the provincial women’s Federation and other departments jointly organized. The contest is divided into entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurial model of two events, the main display of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial projects match "good ideas", take the scene roadshow, experts questioning, the respondent player way; mainly about college students’ Entrepreneurship entrepreneurship competition pacesetter "good story", taken before the network voting and VCR display, experts questions, players the respondent, the judges of the public praise etc.. The province has a total of 33 venture capital projects and a total of 30 candidates to participate in the contest.

I "magnetic resonance wireless charging technology" project was awarded the first prize. The project has 32 patents, meter charging and can adapt to the distance, select multiple charging objects, and is free from relative movement interference, known as a substitute for magnetic induction of the more practical "second generation" wireless charging technology. The project can produce three kinds of products: portable mobile charging treasure iPower  mini; non portable but more powerful desktop class iPower  Pro; for high-power iPower  Max. The product is suitable for the family, the office space, the dining room, the terminal building, the automobile compartment (the driver handset and so on electronic equipment) and so on each domain.

I declare the "

, large size, high thermal conductivity, ultra-thin graphite film development and industrialization" project won the two prize of entrepreneurship. This is a large size, synthetic ultra-thin, high thermal conductivity of the graphite film, mainly used in electronic equipment with limited space, such as mobile phone, PAD and other high power chip, a variety of electronic products, batteries, wireless base station needs cooling environment. The project to fill the large size and high conductivity graphite film blank, breaking the technical monopoly of high-performance graphite film, promote the optimization of domestic electronic information materials industry structure, promote the development of electronic information industry downstream.

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