Join venture classic case Pizza Hut join Raiders

June 23, 2017

Pizza Hut reputation in the country, has won the favor of many people in major cities have good sales performance. Join the venture want to choose the right to join the brand, the first to look at the Pizza Hut investment budget.

franchise mode "from scratch"

: the franchisee is taken over a Pizza Hut restaurant has been in business, and not to open a new restaurant, the franchisee does not need to start from zero to avoid self selection, preparation shop, recruitment and training of new employees a lot of complicated work. From China Yum took over a Pizza Hut restaurant has been operating, so that the risk of joining the model will greatly reduce the risk, improve the chances of success.

According to the

is currently only open "from scratch" franchise model, Yum will not be accepted to open new stores to join the application. Pizza Hut taken a shop to join form, all of the franchise are not entitled to the exclusive right of regional or district.

: initial investmentThe initial fee:


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