Join the school to understand what information

June 23, 2017

with the advent of the Internet era, the form of entrepreneurship has become increasingly diverse, for people to bring multiple choices. Now learn to live old, convenient campus became many people’s choice, you can see the business opportunities. For many people who love the Internet, to join the school is a very good choice. However, it is necessary to know the necessary information in order to succeed. Here, look at the introduction of small series.

according to the story, to join the school, whether investors choose which brand should meet the brand to join conditions, and in accordance with the specific procedure to operate can. Below, Xiaobian for you to introduce.

how to join the school to join

quality requirements: investors must be at least 18 years of age, have the ability to independently bear civil liability, honest and trustworthy, have a good business reputation, but also bear the risk of business courage and awareness.

concept: investors to own brand identity school selected brand culture and management mode, abide by the rules and regulations of the school, the school is based on their acceptance of internal management, to consciously safeguard the school brand image.

strength requirements: strong economic strength is the basis for the realization of desire. First, investors should have enough money to pay the rent, renovation, equipment, raw materials, pre artificial wages and other costs; secondly, investors have a certain management ability, there are certain connections in the local.


team: investors are in accordance with the requirements of the school is based is equipped with a professional team of teachers.

store requirements: investors are in compliance with the requirements of the business school is based store, area is large enough, and there is no economic disputes between property management and store.

how to join the school to join the process

1, information consulting: investors made contact with the selected school brand headquarters by telephone, online message, consult the relevant information about the request to join the policy of school.

2, for joining the investors: Download and fill out the "join in application form", and send to your headquarters, headquarters qualification examination after receiving the application, investors have qualification confirmation.

3, field trips: after the audit, the investor personally to visit the headquarters of the field, to understand the specific operation of its franchise stores, and with the head of the Ministry of investment in charge of the specific details of joining.

4, contract signing: after the two sides reach an agreement,

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