Three tips to improve sales of optical shops

June 23, 2017

this time, people who wear glasses are more and more, with the eye of incorrect radiation plus, makes our vision vulnerable, open glasses shop, want to get income, the first step is to grasp the needs of consumers, and provide products and services according to the needs, so as to meet the market development. So, in general, the glasses store to improve sales skills? Here is a detailed analysis, look at it!

1. Use the influence of others

shop in the sales process, the main store know how to use the third party to carry on customer experience or make them quick, understanding and trust products, thereby to purchase. So, who is the most suitable third party referrals? It turns out that celebrity effects and expert recommendations are the most powerful.

first, the owner can be introduced to customers, and so the star is a loyal user of the glasses, as an influential third party. This will allow customers to psychologically feel the quality and quality of the glasses are guaranteed, so that customers are more likely to accept the trust of their products. This is not easy to do, the owner must collect all kinds of information, and pay special attention to the use of glasses and glasses to buy celebrity reservation record, so that when introduced to customers, to be able to come up with evidence to convince consumers.

secondly, the industry experts are the most authoritative official spokesman, the customer has no other way to understand the information and credibility of the product, the expert’s speech is the most convincing. Whether it is professional or social influence, experts are the only people who can convince customers, it can be said that the last line of defense of consumer psychology. The owner may present to the consumer an expert statement in the relevant newspaper journal, or an expert certified certificate and the authority of the laboratory.

two, the initiative to meet the consumer mentality

most people have cheap mentality, they always hope that businesses can give a discount when buying glasses, account for a little cheaper; at the same time, on the one hand, showed a small cheap mentality, on the other hand, feel a very noble attitude, so they often exhibit vanity and comparisons the pursuit of out of the ordinary mind. As a seller, we must carefully try to figure out their minds, read their real ideas, in order to seize the opportunity to effectively promote.

, for example, when they come to those who are less expensive, give them some gifts to meet their mentality. Sometimes the gifts need to buy a certain amount of goods can be obtained, for petty customers, regardless of the value of gifts, are very reluctant to spend money to buy directly, but I hope to get through the purchase of goods, and the more the better. Consumers through the consumption of the corresponding gifts, the owner recommended

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