Venture in Wujiaochang new award awards winner

June 22, 2017

more and more colleges and universities began to intervene in the field of entrepreneurship, helping students to carry out entrepreneurial activities. With the support of such a strong backing of colleges and universities, a variety of entrepreneurial resources continue to gather together to achieve complementary advantages to promote the development of entrepreneurship.

12 27  , "venture in Wujiaochang" in 2015, the selection of new venture research concluded in Shanghai. The selection lasted nearly two months, after the screening and WeChat voting site competition and other links, Shanghai enjoy complex optics, Shanghai Pu heat network technology company shares two seat pioneering new trophy; Shanghai transit network technology company, Shanghai Shun Qi dream network technology company, Shanghai Huayang health management consulting company, Shanghai Beibei 77 Wood network technology company, Shanghai do not understand the network science and technology limited company respectively won the award of entrepreneurship research.

It is reported that the

, selection of activities have been held for three years, this year’s contest jointly hosted by the government of Yangpu District and the University of Shanghai, attracted a large number of enterprises to participate in the competition. In the final scene roadshow, vice president of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics business school dean Liu Lanjuan said that this event marks the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and the Yangpu District people’s Government of a new step in strengthening the school district linkage, innovation and entrepreneurship education resources and social entrepreneurship resource combination, complementary advantages, will promote the further development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

through joint universities and government, local entrepreneurial resources optimized configuration, each unit of cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results in the integration of resources under the premise of each other, make regional entrepreneurship development path more smoothly.

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