How to avoid the risk of clothing franchise in the choice of brand

June 21, 2017

now, along with the apparel industry booming, more and more people want to join the clothing brand business, joined the business is good, especially for not much money, but can not find the project investors, these investors want to start, but also suffer from self employment difficulties, and joined the business can help them solve some difficulties however, the choice of brand clothing also has a risk, how to avoid? Let’s get together.

joined the clothing store entrepreneurs who are many, but also a more popular choice of venture capital. But in recent years, with some joining a swindler, want to join the clothing store business friends to pay attention to, join time must be vigilant, avoid falling into the trap of money.

, a net to join headquarters, so that the way to join the must notice, these people never apply for examination, but you can pay the initial fee business, there is a danger signal. Imagine how to join the headquarters may not have to apply for approval to join the United States, it is too unreliable.

two free, franchise fees, franchise fees or super low franchise; there is a great risk, if not investors to join, it will use a low threshold to attract members, these may exist more risk, so should pay attention to.

three, the fake and the real selling equipment; now some of the franchise is said to join, but it is actually selling machinery and equipment, and such a situation often see.

four, contract loopholes, is not clear; this kind of join certainly a problem, if we sign the contract, says you can return the product, but the mark to reach their standard can be returned, but the standard is not clear, the product to the franchisee, and refused to return. Such a contract, investors are very difficult to join.

In order to avoid the trap of

, want to enter the clothing industry entrepreneurs to join in the clothing store, the best is the first to join headquarters to inspect a lot, then focuses on the study of related matters, through the investigation, and then decide whether or not to join. As the saying goes: beware of driving the ship is not easy to suffer, especially those related to entrepreneurial things to be cautious.

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