What are the skills of the grocery store

June 20, 2017

shop operating the same product, but because of the different skills taken, so that the operation of the store showing a different state. So, the successful operation of the grocery store skills? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

as the retail industry, the traditional grocery store highlights a "full". But in fact, the majority of small grocery sales of goods are similar, but the store’s business is vastly different. So, what are the tricks of successful operators? The following examples can also bring you some inspiration.

clever price reduction

in the opponent hit 100 yuan to sell $90 billboard, Pharaoh was hanging in the door of his own supermarket to buy a $110 commodity brand. As a result, Lao Wang’s business is much better than the door. What is the reason?

original 100 yuan to buy $110 of goods, from the surface and the $100 to sell $90, no difference, it seems to be playing ten percent off. Actually otherwise. 100 yuan to buy a $110 discount less than the product of ten percent off, comparable to play a profit of up to 1% of the increase of ten percent off.

‘s net profit increase for l% may be a significant number of times for discount promotions and a general decline in profits. Moreover, the ten percent off methods of 100 yuan of goods sold 90 yuan "to consumers, the first intuitive feeling is" undercut prices, 100 yuan to buy 110 yuan of goods "can make people feel is improving value for money.

reasonable swing goods

in order to attract customers, toy shop owner Li Jin Hongkong’s most popular new toys. But I do not know why, to buy toys, children do not look at it, they went to the store to buy some of the more common toys.

"what is the reason?" Big Li went to the opposite toy store and came back and put the new toys on the shelves. As a result, the children rushed into the store to grab the toys. Originally, adults look the most eye-catching place, is often the children to see the dead. Different goods according to the customer base to choose the right location, it is more convenient for customers to buy.

department store welcomes guests

Beijing grocery store operation has been "totally" reputation. Store business tips can be summed up in the following three:

is a small business, and strive to complete. Single needle, needle embroidery needle, not only has a variety of models, and knitting socks of the needle, the needle sewing quilts etc.. Sell shoes, leather from children on small, to Kobron sneakers and skates.

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