A fish shop location is the primary factor

June 18, 2017

fragrant fish to smell like fish if not drool with envy, who can not resist the temptation of it. So the street fish shop also more and more, but not blindly open shop, these fish shop owner is correct choice of location?

grilled fish store location

freshly baked fish, in order to ensure the fresh fish, fish fish should store carbon freshly baked. Put a few fish in the store entrance, every day to buy fresh fish stocking cylinder, usually including black carp, crucian carp, snakehead, catfish, and other types of grass carp. Guests come in person to pick, size and type of random choice. Fish should have a variety of tastes carbon selection: such as spicy, pickled flavor, spicy, pickled flavor, taste and flavor of fish and fermented black bean. In general, will be divided into two halves of a fish, while a taste, a fish two to eat, you can meet the needs of different tastes at the same table.

with authentic Chongqing snacks, therefore, Sichuan belongs to the charcoal grilled fish, but fish, store should also have several very characteristic of Chongqing Sichuan food. For example, "chicken", "crispy sting", "hot and sour powder" and so on are very authentic Chongqing snacks. Of course, can also according to the season launch some seasonal dishes, such as summer run crayfish, also can have some fire light dishes, such as loach soup.

Because of the fabrication of

charbroil recommended

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