Home life needs to do a good job planning

June 18, 2017

household goods to sell rapidly, every year there is a good demand for return to investors, so also attracted a lot of enthusiasm to join investors. How to create a home living museum, the choice is very good, in line with the current trend of the industry, but we must know how to plan, in order to allow the shop business became prosperous.

1,   merchandise planning is the most important;

2,     marketing should be based on the flow of the product flow;

3,   store management is space management and personnel management;

space management is the need to design from the store image, product display design, various design and corresponding container highlights to help sell the jewelry design to improve the space   taste, only the introduction of expert team in space management, improve management, is I enjoy my brand value and product premium capacity fully   now; but in personnel management, must from Home Furnishing dress, smiling routine and incentive mechanism to promote other aspects of development and improve.

4,     logistics management is to focus on suppliers, even in some of the suppliers should set up regional centres such as Yiwu transit warehouses, centralized distribution delivery;