Rural money making opportunities in 2012

June 18, 2017

In fact, many people want to have a brilliant new year at the beginning of

2012, entrepreneurship is the case, in the countryside or city worth mentioning, nothing more than want to start a business, how to explore entrepreneurial projects in rural areas?

in rural entrepreneurship, the first to do the cultivation of agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc….

second to do the processing of agricultural products, such as plastic greenhouse cultivation of anti season vegetables, such as planting edible fungi with the processing of…

to you

I is the rural people, is the largest clothing purchase at the end of the year, new year and everyone will go to the new body happy new year. There is a new year to eat the agricultural food, because the rural people are few and the whole refrigerator, rarely go out to buy food, so love buy Dry mushroom, agaric, kelp, dried vegetables.

added: I am also rural people, now the city surrounding rural or go out to work more, so there is no one to take care of many of the fields, on the outside to earn money, put the money lost at home is a waste. Since they have no time to take into account the work of the field, why do not we do the contract to do it, so that the contracted field is also concentrated. Suitable for cultivation or greenhouse cultivation. There is a little more rural follow suit, what to do to earn money.

farming, can be contracted some of what kind of beach ditch for example some varieties of pheasant. Secretly tell you, I am a pheasant is a relative, in addition to chicken can contact the city game shop, not worry about the market, chicken feathers have a good market, you can ask yourself. Chicken can be sold locally. Jiza, is your gastrointestinal organs and what can sell a good price. As long as you explore the breeding technology, breeding in the field, small investment, quick turnover, you can try

I is rural people, actually you think these problems I’ve thought about X times. But I can not do anything in my hometown, the economy is too backward.

you said it was good but have already been done, and is already saturated. What you say is better than singing.