Nanjing small and micro venture capital to support venture capital companies

June 18, 2017

to actively respond to the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, the government has introduced a number of relevant entrepreneurship support policies. So what kind of preferential entrepreneurship in Nanjing to support it? What kind of benefits will be given to ordinary technology entrepreneurs?

business support, from "thousand" "double" to "321", all "tailored" incentives, but ordinary technology entrepreneurs, where can enjoy the rain showers? 18, Nanjing first for small and micro enterprises entrepreneurship certificates in Jiangning district general avenue of J6 Industrial Park signed the moling Street invested 10 million yuan to buy tickets to the business park, in support of the science and technology enterprises stationed in the park.

has 9 streets moling Technology Industrial Park, the 3 consecutive year in Nanjing advanced manufacturing industry classification assessment first street ". That street party secretary Jiao Zhenshan research, focus on talent, science and technology to support the project, governments at all levels have some special funds to support the park and even this "spell" policy, emergency personnel, in contrast, small and micro technology, grassroots entrepreneurs because the scale is very small, it is difficult to see the future, are difficult to "inclusive sharing". J6 Industrial Park in 5 years from the backward production capacity, low efficiency of the industrial plant, the development of an annual revenue of $about 1000000000 cultural and creative park, is due to the small and micro technology incubator.

support small and micro, so that professional people to do professional things. Moling streets not directly to the enterprises "money", but by way of purchase of services, commissioned by the J6 Industrial Park to provide services for enterprises. J6 industrial park management from the industrial and commercial, tax errands, to account, intellectual property rights, legal affairs agency special services. Each park into the enterprise, can be based on their own development needs, to apply for a business license, or a single point of a specific service, or to apply for the park to provide service packages".

In response to the

business support, Nanjing first delivery of small and micro business vouchers, bring financial support to enter the science and Technology Park Innovation of enterprises, so that ordinary technology start-ups go, let go of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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