Share the secret location of children’s clothing store

June 15, 2017

fashion design style on the market, so people are favored for foreign trade clothing, not only foreign trade women’s clothing, children’s clothing sales market is also very popular. Young parents love to pick Children’s Clothing Store design personalized for children children.


location according to the location, so the location before investors investors should know what to open a foreign trade clothing chain stores, so investors need to infer the space. How to open foreign trade children’s clothing store chain? Each brand of goods are not the same, so the space is not the same, according to the actual needs of the space, not too big and not too small, suitable for good.

now the store is not only a building can be opened, the two floor or more places will be sold, so that the floor has become one of the key factors of site selection. How to choose the location of children’s clothing franchise stores in general, do not be too high on the floor but not too low, to take into account the feelings of consumers, combined with their needs to choose the right floor.

Good prospects for the development of


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