Wang Shuo ‘m going to be a regional leader in 5 years

June 14, 2017

entrepreneurship is very difficult, but as long as there is harvest, then everything is worth it. The proportion of college students in our country is increasing year by year, these young people have great goals and surging passion.

this is a public venture, the highly innovative era.

business very hard

but meaningful

than to stay in the dormitory

2012 in September, Wang Shuocheng a new school of mathematics and statistics of the zheng.

"like today, I get up at 6 in the morning, 8 arrived in Xuchang, to talk to the bank loans, more than 10 points over 3 in the afternoon back to Zhengzhou, did not eat lunch, afternoon 5 points a night also talks with dinner." Wang Shuo said.

in the entrepreneurial process

realize their value

"if not for entrepreneurship, may I graduate in the bank." Wang Shuo said, if your firm and secure as other students to stay in school, graduation, family members can help him find a decent job stability.

however, in his opinion, then a decent job is working for others.

"entrepreneurship is a very exciting finding process, I realized their value in the entrepreneurial process." Wang Shuo believes that the reward will be rewarded.


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