Liangshan how to respond to the call to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

June 13, 2017

stage is the country launched the "national entrepreneurship, innovation" era, many local governments actively take relevant measures, vigorously promote the development of local enterprises innovation, constantly complete the implementation of the transformation of enterprises, to make it more in line with the trend of development of era. So, how to respond to the call of Liangshan to promote innovation and entrepreneurship?

is speeding up the construction of double incubation center. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the provincial government, the state of Liangshan (Xichang) Innovation Incubation Center has been constructed, has invested 880 million yuan, construction area of 14441.2 square meters, built Innovation Incubation Center, college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Park and the science and technology enterprise incubator, initially identified 25 enterprises settled in the incubator of scientific and technological achievements, in trade, patent the accounting firms, and other services 8, the first batch of 18 projects by the end of May to complete the defense audit.

was established by Electronic Science, Southwest Jiaotong University and other famous universities 10 experts and professors of business mentor team, establish the Xichang College and 6 state research institutes and other training team training units composed of professors, provide technical guidance services for innovation and entrepreneurship.

two is a comprehensive incubation base construction. By the Xichang municipal government unified planning of 200 acres of land for the construction of the park, specifically for the construction of small and Medium-sized Industrial Park incubator incubator incubator incubator and entrepreneurial innovation, the construction of full-featured, well-equipped. Small and medium sized enterprise incubator with a special area of 148 thousand square meters.

efforts to create a high-tech incubator industry of various types of entrepreneurial entities of the systematic, standardized practice platform, incubator base design and planning of high standard business office area, service life, business incubator. At present, the base of the three links and a network of communications and other infrastructure facilities have been completed, the main construction project has been completed in March, the first half of next year may be used.

three is actively build electricity supplier incubator platform. Statewide seventeen counties (cities) to vigorously promote the depth of integration of e-commerce and incubators, each county to speed up the construction of the platform, there are 4 counties built incubator platform, the 13 counties (cities) to create online and offline trading center.

Huili County has built 3200 square meters of Entrepreneurial Innovation Incubation Center and e-commerce Park, currently has 43 companies in. Huidong County built Innovation Incubation Center, the existing 2000 square meters of warehousing and logistics center, 415 square meters of business service center, 415 square meters of Innovation Incubation Center and 450 square meters of business training center. Accelerate the construction of electricity supplier incubator platform to promote entrepreneurship training, policy consulting, investment and financing docking and other one-stop service to carry out entrepreneurship, a strong impetus to the work of innovation and entrepreneurship.

four is to cultivate high-tech enterprises. Establish perfect recommendation

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