Changzhou school chemical pollution incident tracking

June 12, 2017

days ago, about 100 meters away from the location of Changzhou school to the school student body pollution abnormal situation reports aroused widespread public opinion. In order to further understand the development of the situation, the relevant departments and relevant media have been tracked and reported.

Changzhou school chemical pollution incident tracking

side is 7 years ago, after the pollution of the three chemical plant plots, the size of several football field size; one is just settled in the near school, always smell the pungent odor, the only way to separate.

this should be a safe place to study, the school site was built in the toxic plots next to this should be healthy boys and girls, but the body appears abnormal blood indicators, such as abnormal symptoms of white blood cells. In recent days, Changzhou foreign language school 500 students suspected of poisoning due to chemical plant pollution caused widespread concern in the community.

environmental sensitive area to build schools, we should be cautious, but why the school to be built in from the "poison" only 100 meters place? Why did not pay attention to EIA warning? Spontaneous physical examination and physical examination results why the difference so big? Related media rushed to the local investigation.

site disaster: 7 years ago planted the time bomb

since plots toxic, why Changzhou foreign language school in this site?

reporter learned that often because of the high level of teaching, is the choice of many parents in the school choice. In 2015 before the relocation, the increasing number of students often external factors, teaching resources, the original site has been unable to meet the needs of the development of school reform, and the housing shock coefficient is low, the need for reconstruction.

and this problem, Changzhou, quite a bit of brains". Changzhou municipal government said that in recent years the city population further to the Changzhou high tech Zone, New District Industrial Park agglomeration, also need more abundant education resources; Changzhou Foreign Language School of off-site reconstruction and relocation, the school can not only alleviate the pressure of the trunk road traffic area place, but also can greatly improve the overall level of education and the North Metro strength.

done according to Xinbei District of Changzhou city planning, often outside the new campus is located in the west of Tongjiang Road, the road south, Qiandao Lake Road (Longhu Street) to the north, the land formerly Pacific Power Machinery Factory and villages, not the original factory plots, but from the original chemical plots of less than 100 meters, "time this bomb buried.

reporter learned that contaminated the original plant plots, including the Jiangsu Changlong Chemical Co. Ltd. Changzhou pesticide factory, Changzhou Huada chemical factory, Changzhou Changyu Chemical Co. companies such as the original site, the total land area of about 26.2 hectares. Due to pollution in chemical plant

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