Millet user experience to teach you how to do the product director

June 12, 2017

mobile Internet, the game really changed. "This is a lesson, the product continues to overlay function, and finally turned into a giant, but in the face of the new mobile Internet environment, the product can not be successful by superposition function."

5 24, millet user experience director, millet router product leader Tang mu in the new president of minimally invasive camp for the students to talk about a very angry atmosphere of the user experience class. He used his own experience in Tencent 10 years to tell you the law of the rise and fall of Internet products, as well as how to find the pain point in the lead millet router research and development, how to create screaming products. Finally, Tang Mu will own 10 years of experience of the user experience summed up into the following words: find the pain point, the definition of the scene; experience to do through, elegant program; to maintain restraint, experience closed loop; small run, fast iteration.

This is

the product of 32 words to make life and death decisions. Full of dry goods!

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2013 in May, I was fortunate to meet again just to find ray total, Liwan Jiang Fung, who had told me thunder always in office upstairs, asked if I would like to say hello, the greeting a dozen is 5 hours. From 9 o’clock in the evening has been talking to more than 1 in the morning, ray has always been with me to talk about millet do things, mentality, after listening to me really touched. After going back that night, I spent two weeks later and think deeply, ray always talked about 5 hours, and millet also met co-founder KK, I finally decided to join millet, this is the total return to Ray’s embrace me after 10 years absence jinshan".

10 years ago, QQ is a simple IM software, 10 years after the QQ QQ carrying member, QQ show, QQ mail, pat, Tencent.com and so on all kinds of services. Over the past 10 years, a lot of people involved in the development and design of QQ, but continue to add features to make QQ more perfect? Why is WeChat’s appearance so that QQ suffered such a crisis? I think this may be a lesson, in the face of the new mobile Internet environment, the product can not be successful by superposition function. If there is a more suited to the needs of the scene, the user experience better products, will replace the previous product, which is how painful insight".

there is a movie called "vulgar comedy", a very interesting fragment, a mahjong boss design is very thoughtful: Please maid.

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