Such a good swing method to help you attract customers

June 4, 2017

do not pay attention to food and beverage for food and beverage can not miss any part of a lot of people are paying attention to store decoration, business strategy. Of course, the most important thing, but for the food itself, in order to consumers interested in it, surface Kung Fu is very important. Even if the taste is good, others see no appetite, no love at first sight, there will be no future story development. So the restaurant may have a hard time.

big plate

presents the colors and patterns as simple as possible, pure and simple texture of the plate is preferred, coarse pottery plate in recent years has become the darling of the public, do not grasp for friends, we recommend big white dish! This can highlight the food, food does not interfere with performance.

food is cut to

simple, food to cut out good-looking, cut the thick local food, save a complete section, don’t cut into small pieces, especially the avocado this kind of appearance is not outstanding food directly, they are full of meaning


exquisite loading tray

tray skills is that there must be a blank space, the excess is not the place for you garbage, these extra space is reserved for food breathing, breathing food is life! Of course not only put a big plate on a grain of beans are infrequent, pay attention to dynamic sense.

dinner plates also need to decorate

mint leaves and basil is the best ornament, lemon slice. Small peas and almonds is not a good choice for the film, if you do not have, a little parsley green onion is really the bottom line, can not do without. Food is able to produce associations, so decorations can not only enhance the taste and flavor of the dishes, but also allows people to eat more into the enjoyment of.

table environment to the United States

, a magazine, a bunch of flowers, then collocation chic atmosphere tablecloths, look there, everything looks very slow, good food should be chewed, this is a process of communication and food, slow down a bit more slowly on the.

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